When it comes to proper home maintenance, good insulation plays a key role. Without it, your roof is unable to “breathe” like it is supposed to, more energy is required to warm your home in the winter and cool it in the summer.

Adding Insulation to Your HomeThere are many ways to go about adding insulation to your home. Here are a few you can consider based on your budget and specific roofing needs:

    • Attic insulation – sealing in your attic with insulation keeps your home energy efficient. Blown-in insulation is a great option for the attic. It is easily installed and extremely efficient.
    • Window insulation – Insulate around the perimeter of your windows with a caulking gun.
    • Insulate interior walls – This will block out sounds, as well as give you more control over the individual climate of each room.
    • Foundation insulation – This can prevent many issues, including loss of moisture and insect issues. Add insulation to the foundation when you begin building your home and reap the rewards.
    • Insulating your floor – Another way to keep heat in and reduce energy costs. Typically batt insulation is used on unfinished floors.
    • Insulate high or cathedral ceilings – High ceilings contribute to higher energy bills and loss of heat and air.
    • Adding insulation to a basement is an excellent idea, especially if you use the basement as a functioning room, and you can use interior or exterior insulation for this purpose.
    • Lastly, take a look at ducts. If ducts are unconditioned, they need to be sealed and insulated or they become a drain on your energy resources.

Overall, there are a variety of ways and methods of adding insulation to homes in the Palatine area.  At Adams Roofing, we recommend using Owens Corning’s AttiCat Blown-in insulation – easy, safe to use, and a “green” option for insulating your home.

If you wonder whether your home is in need of additional insulation to bring it to optimal working order – Owens Corning offers a handy Home Insulation Comfort Quiz to help!

Whether you are building or renovating a home, contact our professional team at Adams Roofing.  We have been serving the Palatine area for many years, and are ready to help with your home improvement projects!