A full roof replacement is a huge project – and can be quite costly if not properly planned for.  Many factors influence the need of having the roof replaced.  The question is whether you know if your roof will need to be replaced when spring finally hits the Elk Grove Village area of Illinois.  How do you know? Check out these “warning signs”:

Signs Your Home May Need a Roof Replacement:

Will You Need a Roof Replacement this Spring?

Worn out shingles

After a significant amount of weathering and age, asphalt shingles tear or curl up. If they are very worn out, they have been known to become loose and fall off in a windstorm. When this happens, it is a very definitive sign that extensive repairs or replacement should take place with the first onset of warmer weather.

Damage caused by hail

Hail damage is a common occurrence in the Midwest. For insurance coverage, it must be reported fairly quickly – and is almost always accompanied by a roof replacement.


In addition to damaging the interior of your home, a roof leak also provides the prime environment for mildew and mold. If you notice a leak, call a professional immediately: the longer you wait to fix the problem, the more it will cost you.


If your roof has some discoloration, it may be a result from mold. This forms on damp wood sheathing, and creates an unhealthy environment for all those that live in the house.


Perhaps you have another couple of years to get out of your roof – but you are getting ready to put your home on the market.  A new roof, complete with more stylish or classic shingles is a perfect way make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

When is a good time for roof replacement?

Any time – besides the middle of a storm!  When the snow melts and temperatures are consistently above freezing, we will get to work.  If you are considering a roof replacement in the area of Elk Grove Village, give us a call any time – we can work through the details while the snow flies, and be ready to install on the first day the weather cooperates!

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