Understanding Ventilation and Roof VentsProper ventilation is an essential component to fostering a healthy and comfortable home environment. The air vents seen on rooftops play a vital role in removing hot air from the attic in the summer and preventing the build-up of moisture during the winter. When air vents on the roof aren’t installed properly, homeowners will experience a myriad of problems ranging from higher cooling costs to expensive roof damage. If you are experiencing air flow issues throughout your Elk Grove Village home, it’s a good idea to be acquainted with the different vent options that may resolve your problems.

Box Vents

Box vents contain no moving parts and instead rely upon the natural process of convection to remove hot, moist air from the attic spaces and roof. Box vents have a very long lifespan and also have a more modern, streamlined appearance than some alternatives. Easy installation is another attribute that makes box vents an attractive solution to relieving the build-up of humidity and hot air in the upper portions of the house.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines, also known as whirlybirds, are common rooftop features that work well to ventilate attic spaces. However, it is important to invest in newer models that are comprised of well-lubricated ball bearings. Older whirlybirds are susceptible to causing a loud squeaking noise in high winds.

Ridge Vents

The most effective and efficient form of roof ventilation, ridge vents, should be installed to run the entire horizontal length of a home, which allows humid air to easily escape the attic. The design of this vent ensures that air is being vented evenly across the entire roof. By evenly venting attic air across the whole roof, there are no massive temperature differentials that can cause damage to your home.

Soffit Vents

These intake vents are extremely effective when used in conjunction with properly installed ridge vents. Soffit vents are installed just below the eaves of a rooftop. For homes that have small gable-end vents or a limited number of vents on the roof, soffit vents are recommended by many roofing professionals to maximize ventilation.

Understanding Ventilation and Roof VentsBy knowing more about ventilating the attic and roof, you can select the air vent that will best accommodate your needs.

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